Astrophotography - Robert Downie
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Steve over Ness Lake

Steve made a spectacular appearance running east/west right above Ness Lake! While related to the aurora borealis (or Northen Lights) ‘Steve’ is a discrete optical phenomenon that was only formally discovered in 2017 by aurora watchers from Alberta. It was subsequently determined to be caused by a 25 km wide ribbon of hot gasses at an altitude of 300 km, temperature of 3000 °C and flowing at a speed of 6 km/s (compared to 10 m/s outside the ribbon). The name "Steve" was taken from Over the Hedge, an animated comedy movie of 2006, in which its characters chose that name for something unknown. "Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement" was suggested as a backronym of Steve which has since been adopted by the team at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center studying Steve. The shot shows Steve on the right (light pink) with a picket fence aurora (green) on the left. There an unknown interaction with Steve that often causes the picket fence aurora along the side of it. Ness Lake, Northern British Columbia, Canada

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