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"To travel, to experience and learn; that is to live"    Tenzing Norgay

This portfolio of my photography has been produced after undertaking twenty years of adventure travel photography across more than thirty countries.  It is my hope that I can inspire a few see the world for themselves, perhaps just to pick up their camera and go for a walk, or simply to be more understanding of the amazing world in which we live.  As a traveler and adventurer I have been fascinated by the ability of photography to bring the unknown into the known and shed light on the more remote and fragile parts of the natural world.  The emotive nature of photography has been critical in overcoming societal apathy and facilitated most of the major conservation efforts over the past century.  Equally as important is its ability to highlight divergent cultures and philosophies and help foster tolerance in an otherwise intolerant world. 

Photos from the site have been published by high quality publication houses including National Geographic and Lonely Planet.  Robert Downie Photography enjoys over 80,000 followers across social media platforms with tens of millions of photo views, and in excess of two million photo likes.  If your interested in commercial use of my photography or engaging in social media marketing opportunities please email me via the link at the bottom of the site.   Personal prints and wall art can be purchased directly from this site along with low resolution downloads (for web) at personal and commercial rates.  High resolution downloads are also available for professional publishing on request. 

I am also the founder of the website intrepid.photos which aims to become a leading adventure photography resource centred around personal interviews with world class photographers. Sharing their thoughts, opinions, philosophy, workflow, and photographic art allows us all to enjoy their talent while learning from top performing individuals in the field.  My intent with intrepid.photos is to give back to the photography community an inspirational resource with a little more depth than is provided by modern social media, having myself taken so much inspiration from other talented individuals over the past two decades.

If you're interested in my work or have any questions feel free to follow me at any of the social media sites linked at the bottom of this page or send me an email. I have put all my photos up in high resolution without watermarks for maximum enjoyment of the galleries however all copyright remains with Robert Downie.

Also check out my new account on Steemit at https://steemit.com/@intrepidphotos/ 

Love Life, Love Photography

Rob Downie

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