United States of America - Robert Downie
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Scenery Cove Aurora

It is rare to find such stillness. No wind, no waves, no sound. So still I could set my tripod up on the deck of S/V BOB while at anchor and take a long exposure of the sky with no visible star movement. The silence out here can be deafening at times (at least once my kids are finally asleep!). Amazingly the G3 solar storm a few days ago was bright enough to cut though the endless blue twilight one experiences this time of year during the fleeting hours of semi darkness that you have when you’re up this far north. Happiness has always seemed a subjective state of mind to me, somewhat along the lines of Lucius Annaeus Seneca's words from two millennia ago that “a man’s as miserable as he thinks he is.” I do love mountains, sailing, and auroras; super chuffed to have combined them all in one shot. Scenery Cove, South East Alaska, USA.


From Astrophotography