Canada - Robert Downie
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Gold Creek Lower Falls

The Lower Falls along Gold Creek taken in Golden Ears Provincial Park. I was shocked at how busy this place was until we asked some people who told us there was a Vancouver #socality instameet happening. We then watched in horror as someone lost control of a two week old drone in the updraft coming off the waterfall which hit an overhanging tree branch and promptly plunged into the falls never to be seen again. I headed out off track into the forest to find some peace from the crowds for a while then came back to take this shot under heavy spray from the waterfall just before dusk with the falls to ourselves. We then almost got trapped in the park as unbeknownst to us they lock the gates at 5:30pm sharp at this time of year. Luckily there was still a ranger there who let us though so I did not miss my flight! Golden Ears Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada.

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