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Baiame Cave

The aboriginal art of this cave are believed by the Wonnarua Aboriginal people to be a painting of Baiame, a legendary ancestor and the maker of all things. After Baiame journeyed amongst the people and having imparted to them knowledge, lore and ceremony, he returned to the sky, stepping up from Mt Yengo nearby (hence its flattened summit). In Australian Aboriginal mythology Baiame (Baayami or Baayama) Baiame is the creator spirit of the Dreaming of the Aboriginal peoples of South-Eastern Australia, including the Wonnarua, Wiradjuri, Darkinjung, Awabakal, Worimi and Kamilaroi. The cave is 6.7m wide and the arwork is largest in south eastern Australia. Milbrodale, Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.

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